Aerial Photography for Real Estate

remax of prince edward county

Real Estate agents.. show off your latest listings LIKE NEVER BEFORE using drone technology.

There is a lot of potential for using drones in real estate marketing, whether you are in the new build sector or in the resale property market. Imagine being able to capture images and video from properties that are geographically challenged, ie on a steep hill, or limited access? Imaging being able to swoop in on a waterfront property from the lake capturing the view of the property from a completely different angle that you have never been able to get before.

How about new builds? Imagine seeing your property development from the lake as the drone flies along the shoreline, or soar up to 200ft to show how close a property is to local amenities.

They can be used for land surveys and development progress over time.

Using the built in GPS you could even show the exact view of an apartment before its even been built.. Now that’s a selling tool.

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