Capture photos and HD video like never before at your Event?

If you’re planning an event and looking for something to add to make it a little bit more special and different, then look no further. Using drone technology we can take photographs and video from different angles and different heights that a traditional photographer cannot take. Drone photography allows you to see your event from a completely different perspective.event

The use of drones for event aerial photos and video is a new and exciting way to show the event from high above the crowds when the event is live or before it starts.

Imagine your event being shown on your website with amazing video and images of people being having fun and enjoying themselves.

These videos and images are spectacular ways to promote your events as your customers get a bird’s eye view of the whole event without the expense of hiring a light aircraft or helicopter and drones can get in places that a helicopter or aircraft cannot.

Other Events

These are a selection of drone videos from around the world to show you what other events drones can be used for, they include weddings, city skylines, nature, sports, product showcase and much more. The possibilities are endless…. For your next event, contact us.

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