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Capture aerial photos and HD video on your Special Day

Real Estate

Showcase your real estate listings like never before

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map properties faster and collect data on locations that can be difficult to access.


If you have an event an you want to add a special touch, no matter what the event, contact us, the possibilities are endless.
Prince Edward County UAV Imagery (Drone Aerial photography and Aerial Videography) does not have to be costly. Unlike traditional companies that use aircraft to take aerial photos and video, we use small drones with High Definition cameras. Our drones are small enough to fly through buildings or other small spaces and powerful enough to soar hundreds of feet in seconds to capture photos and video. They are small, quiet, environmentally friendly and very stable. We can get much closer to the subject to produce sharper and more detailed images than a full size aircraft can. We cover Prince Edward County and surrounding areas.
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